Friday, June 6, 2014

Our Afternoon: The Flow Continues

I have my ideas of how our flow will work next year. I hope to book two gym periods so that I can divide the JKs and SKs according to their energy levels. Every child will get gym every day, but sometimes they'll go in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon. 

Especially in the early part of the year, I find that many of the JKs need a rest right after lunch. The plan is to take the JKs to the gym in the morning when their energy levels are high, to give them a body break and to allow for some deeper focus groups with the SKs. The SKs will go in the afternoon when the JKs need some quiet time. 

As it stands, our afternoons look like this:

Right after lunch recess, the children come in and go to French. I spend my prep preparing blogposts, sending notes home, exchanging story books, and updating notes on the iPad. I pick the children up and we head to the gym (or outside) for some movement! 

When we return to our classroom it is Free Choice Play Time. I often do one-on-one assessments at this time to add to the information I gathered in the morning, and to inform planning for the coming day(s) and week(s). During this play time, the children can have a snack at any time they wish. We give them a heads-up when there are 10 minutes left till tidy-up so they can make sure they make time to have a snack. 

We tidy up, gather at the carpet to hand out homebags, then send them out to recess. From there, they catch their buses and head home.

The goal is that each child leaves our room feeling that they were cherished, that they are safe here, and that they look forward to coming back to continue their investigations and social development the next day!

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